3. Damen completes rebuild of cutting-edge research vessel OceanXplorer
Damen completes rebuild of cutting-edge research vessel OceanXplorer

Damen completes rebuild of cutting-edge research vessel OceanXplorer

The extensive rebuilding of the cutting-edge research vessel OceanXplorer at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam was recently completed by the Damen Shipyards Group.


The vessel will make a major contribution to the mission of OceanX: to discover the ocean and bring it back to the world. The goal of the initiative is to create a global community that is dedicated to understanding, enjoying and preserving our oceans.

OceanXplorer has been the world's most advanced exploration, study and media vessel following the completion of the ship.

She builds on the legacy of the organization's first vessel, Alucia, as OceanX's new flagship, and brings it to the next level. OceanXplorer is fitted with a set of submersibles, sonar arrays, manned submarines, ROVs and AUVs and is able to explore and chart ocean depths.

The vessel is able to gather live samples and take them on board, where scientists can study them in state-of-the-art laboratories with the ability to conduct DNA sequencing, among other items.

The outstanding research facilities of OceanXplorer are combined with quality filming and media studios in Hollywood, produced in collaboration with renowned filmmaker James Cameron. With this, at the precise moment of discovery, the vessel's results can be live-streamed to viewers worldwide.

Damen worked closely with the specialist teams of OceanX, designing the project's scope in order to fulfill all specifications. That included responsibility for the vessel's interior and exterior.

The project also mandated Damen to undertake a scope for docking, including removal and refurbishment of azipull and bow thrusters, tank blasting and coating, and complete refurbishment and refurbishment of crew accommodation.

 “This has been a challenging project, the result of which we are very proud of. On the one hand, this shows the extensive capabilities of Damen as a group – the powerful synergies within our group, covering both newbuild and repair & conversion capabilities and spanning commercial vessels and superyachts," commented Tjarco Ekkelkamp, project director for the OceanXplorer project at Damen.

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