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  3. Damen builds 75-meter crane barge
Damen builds 75-meter crane barge

Damen builds 75-meter crane barge

Damen Shipyards Group said it laid the keel for a new crane barge to be delivered in Panama after last year's tender award in August.


Constructed at Damen Yichang Shipyard in Hubei Province , China, the barge will be. Following the recent coronavirus outbreak, the shipyard is almost back to full operation, with rigorous safety measures to protect the health and welfare of yard staff.

The 75- by 32-meter Crane Barge 7532 is expected to succeed, a 77-year-old crane still in service. After construction, the new crane barge at Huisman's Zhangzhou facility will be fitted with a crane, giving it the ability to lift 625 metric tons at 25 metres.

While the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic, Damen is putting in place stringent safety checks to tackle the challenges this presents to the project , the company said. For example , the project engineers usually work from home and use digital communication to keep in touch with each other. The same applies during this period to ladies' contact with customer.

Additional safety measures include a rigorous system of cleaning and sterilization, controls of body temperature when entering the yard and enforcement of standards for safe working distance.

After the crane deployment, the crane barge will cross the Pacific on a heavy lift vessel and will arrive at the Balboa anchorage area in Panama where final checks will be carried out before it enters operation.

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