3. Damen announces fish-farming workboat
Damen announces fish-farming workboat

Damen announces fish-farming workboat

Damen Shipyards Group unveiled its new 2613 Utility Vessel workboat built for the aquaculture market.


The Damen UV 2613 draws on other ships from the portfolio of the shipyard, such as the Multi Cat and Shoalbuster, to provide flexibility to the fish-farming market, with a variety of work covering anything from harvesting to net cleaning and diving support to delicacy.

The UV 2613 is a forward-looking vessel, with sustainability features, Damen said. For example, the vessel is prepared for IMO Tier III. The vessel is ready to install a Damen NOX Reduction Device-a selective catalytic conversion technology that can be easily installed during construction or as a retrofit, rendering the vessel compliant with Tier III.

Lots of plug-in and play options allow the vessel to switch from one duty to another quickly, the builder noted. The UV 2613 can be mounted with DP1, for example a multiple mooring system and a towing winch. It can even be fitted with a ramp to accomplish ferry duties if necessary.

An 85 square meter cargo hold enables the collection and storage of diving supplies, as well as dry cargo transport. The deck of the vessel is larger than 110 square metres. The vessel can be fitted with multiple cranes up to 220 metric tons of capacity per length.

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