3. CSSC delivers sixth LNG-powered containership to CMA CGM
CSSC delivers sixth LNG-powered containership to CMA CGM

CSSC delivers sixth LNG-powered containership to CMA CGM

CMA CGM Montmartre, the 6th LNG-powered 23,000 TEU containership, was named and delivered to the French liner CMA CGM by China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC).


The vessel was built by Jiangnan Shipyard and is part of a series of nine 23,000 LNG-powered vessels that CMA CGM ordered in 2017. CMA CGM Montmartre is the third containership from Jiangnan Shipbuilding's batch to be shipped.

The CMA CMA Montmartre has returned To china and will join CMA CGM's LNG-powered container fleet in Northern Europe. On CMA CGM's flagship Asia-Europe FAL1 path, the ULCV will be placed into operation.

The ships, which are 400 meters long and 61 meters tall, are currently the world's largest LNG-fueled container ships. They'll have WinGD's dual-fuel engines and GTT's 18,600-cbm fuel tank, which are both the world's biggest.

The ships have a straight bow with integrated bulb, rudder, and propeller that have been redesigned to improve hydrodynamics and reduce energy consumption. Another milestone has been reached in the construction of one of the remining three ships, according to CSSC.

In particular, a newbuild 23000TEU dual-fuel boxship under construction at CSSC subsidiary Hudong Zhonghua completed gas trials in just 6 days, setting a new record for the series' shortest gas trials.

On January 8, the shipyard handed over CMA CGM Rivoli, the fifth newbuild in the 23,000 TEU series, to its owner.

By the end of 2022, CMA CGM plans to have a fleet of 32 LNG-powered container ships. The company's plan to switch to LNG as a marine fuel is part of a larger plan to reduce pollution and become carbon neutral by 2050.

By 2023, the French shipowner aims to raise the percentage of alternative fuels consumed to 10%.

According to the company's annual report, since 2008, CO2 emissions have decreased by 49% (TEU-km), with the aim of achieving a -50 percent reduction by 2030.

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