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  3. Crystal announces Serenity's 2023 voyages
Crystal announces Serenity's 2023 voyages

Crystal announces Serenity's 2023 voyages

Crystal Cruises has unveiled the complete 2023 deployment for the Crystal Serenity, including the 140-night Wild Kingdoms & Exotic Discoveries World Cruise announced in April, which includes 32 sailings ranging from seven to 23 nights.


The 2023 voyages by Crystal Serenity will be available for reservation on June 3, 2020, with the new Easy Book program by Crystal offering reduced deposits and waived admin fees for all new reservations made by June 30th, 2020.

Wild Realms & Tropical Discovery World Cruise – 140 nights in total from Miami, with alternate disembarking choices for 128- and 119-night itineraries in Venice and Athens.

The voyage includes a total of 73 destinations, including five maiden ports and 19 overnights across 40 countries on six continents – with a focus on the world's greatest wonders and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Destinations vary from the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea to Myanmar, the Seychelles, African safaris and the ancient wonders of Egypt.

A Black Sea, Mediterranean and Western Europe array of connoisseurs – visitors are exploring Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, as well as visiting Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Turkey via the Black Sea; along the Dalmatian coast to Croatia and Montenegro; the scenic ports of Iberia. Offered from June to August.

Beyond the complete World Cruise, visitors looking for extended trips across the year will combine several trips for up to 100 days of luxurious travel without visiting a dock. The 2023 launch of Crystal Symphony will be announced in July, the company has said.

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