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  3. Cruise ship Nippon Maru makes resumption of service
Cruise ship Nippon Maru makes resumption of service

Cruise ship Nippon Maru makes resumption of service

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced that operations of the cruise ship Nippon Maru restarted its own produced voyage on November 2.


Mitsui OSK Lines, Ltd announced that on November 2, the operations of the cruise ship Nippon Maru, run by its group company, Mitsui OSK Passenger Line Ltd, resumed their own manufactured voyage with a three-day, two-night Autumn Taste Cruise departing from Kobe, resuming service after being suspended in Japan and overseas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nippon Maru underwent a big renovation starting in February that took about 50 days. In addition to major renovations to amenities such as Ocean View Suites, three-generation family-friendly rooms and a refurbished bar and coffee shop. In order to allow passengers to enjoy culinary masterpieces demonstrated by highly qualified chefs, the service lineup was expanded. The launch of the new Nippon Maru opens up new horizons for passengers to enjoy cruises.

The Nippon Maru provides a wide range of cruises celebrating the seasons with this renovation, such as the autumn travel season, year-end, and New Year. MOPAS aims to improve customer services by taking comprehensive steps to avoid COVID-19 and flu infections, allowing them to enjoy enjoyable cruise trips while keeping their safety and safety the highest priority.

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