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  3. Costa Mediterranea sails to get crew home
Costa Mediterranea sails to get crew home

Costa Mediterranea sails to get crew home

According to a document circulated on board the vessel, Costa Crociere is preparing to use the Costa Mediterranea to bring crew from the Philippines and Indonesia.


The ship, built-in 2003, will first sail to La Spezia on April 10, according to Costa's plan.

The European crew will be disembarked, just as the crew will not be required for operational reasons which may also be returning home.

All other crew members will then be moved to the Costa Pacifica except the Filipino and Indonesian crew aboard.

Meanwhile, Filipino and Indonesian crew on board the Pacifica will be transferred to the Costa Mediterranea, except for those required for minimum safety manning.

The Mediterranea will then sail to Brindisi, taking from the latter ship onto the Filipino and Indonesian crew.

Finally, the Mediterranea is setting its course to disembark crew for Shanghai, with port stops in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Costa said it works closely with local government and manning agents to safely get the crew home.

Previously the Mediterranea was scheduled to leave the fleet in 2021.

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