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  3. Costa Group plans a gradual restart
Costa Group plans a gradual restart

Costa Group plans a gradual restart

Following the authorisation of a cruise by the Italian Government, Costa Crociere is planning to slowly resume its operations in the light of the revised regulations that will soon be officialised, the company said.


“We are extremely excited that we will be able to cruise again soon and we want to thank the Italian Government and all the authorities for their constant availability and support. The cruise industry and Costa specifically, as the only Italian cruise company, create significant value to the economy and to the destinations we visit," Michael Thamm, CEO of Costa Group and Carnival Asia stated.

In the next days, the company will be working closely with national and local authorities, ports and terminals, RINA and internally on board our ships, for the full implementation of the protocols issued by the Italian Government.

"The gradual restart of our operations will give relief to the local economies in port communities and to the whole ecosystem of almost 5,000 suppliers and business partners, and over 7,500 travel agents, in Italy, who have been suffering from the pause of our activities," Thamm added.

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