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CMB to operate zero carbon fleet by 2050

CMB to operate zero carbon fleet by 2050

Pioneering Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB) is set to become the first shipping line in the world to be net zero.


The maritime group unveiled its long-term CO2 reduction strategy which says that all carbon emissions from CMB operations will be completely offset as from 2020.

Although there are no viable zero carbon fuels today CMB is offsetting all its CO2 emissions from this year and the company said it had done this by supporting certified climate projects in developing countries and acquiring high quality Voluntary Carbon Units (VCU’s).

CMB has supported certified climate projects in developing countries, acquiring voluntary carbon units in Zambia, Guatemala and India.

“As we will bring concrete zero-carbon projects to life in the coming months and years, we will continue to actively engage and cooperate with other shipping companies, our customers, our suppliers, our banks and national and international politicians to achieve zero carbon shipping,” CMB stated.

According to CMB, as long as its fleet is not powered by 100% zero-carbon fuels, CBM will offset its remaining CO2 emissions.

The group is already investing in the development of low and zero carbon ships and engines and fully supports various industry initiatives aimed at developing the technologies needed to reduce shipping’s carbon footprint.

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