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China and Pakistan come together for Sea Guardians 2020

China and Pakistan come together for Sea Guardians 2020

The sixth ''Sea Guardians'' exercise took place in the midst of heightened tension between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue.


Exercise Sea Guardians-2020 spanning over nine days was designed to share professional experiences on contemporary and non-traditional threats as well as to enhance bilateral cooperation and interoperability between the two navies.

Addressing the ceremony, Vice Admiral expressed satisfaction over the "mutually benefiting and professionally rewarding conduct of the exercise".

Deputy Commander of Southern Theatre Command PLA, Vice Admiral Dong hoped that the exercise will further enhance bilateral relationships and cooperation in general and navies in particular.

The drill subjects include anti-pirate speedboat attack, maritime interception and temporary inspection, helicopter cross-deck landing, anti-missile drill, search and rescue drill, change of guard formation, ship-aircraft coordinated anti-submarine drill, underway replenishment control, submarine rescue and lifesaving.

Senior Captain Ye Dan, commander of the Chinese naval fleet, said after returning to Karachi Port: “The joint exercise promoted the deep integration of the technologies and tactics of the two navies and deepened the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.” “The first actual-troop submarine rescue exercise at sea greatly improved the underwater emergency rescue capabilities of the two navies, and also tested and improved the actual combat training level of the formation. The entire formation completed the scheduled subjects and related training plans and laid a good foundation for our new mission,” he added.

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