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  3. Boat Building Site has been found underwater
Boat Building Site has been found underwater

Boat Building Site has been found underwater

An 8,000-year-old Stone Age platform-like structure has been found underwater off the Isle of Wight


The structure was found by the Maritime Archaeological Trust 11 metre below sea level at a site which was dry land during the Stone Age, 8000 years ago. It was placed next to the world's oldest boat-building.

Director of the Maritime Archaeological Trust, Garry Momber stated that "This new discovery is particularly important as the wooden platform is part of a site that doubles the amount of worked wood found in the UK from a period that lasted 5,500 years." He added that "The site contains a wealth of evidence for technological skills that were not thought to have been developed for a further couple of thousand years, such as advanced wood working."

The site placed in east of Yarmouth. During the period when there was human activity on the site, it is belived that it was dry land and the Isle of Wight was still connected to mainland Europe.

Researchers have been exploring this area in Yarmouth since the 1980s when a drowned Stone Age forest was uncovered. In 2005, a huge number of worked timber boards were found jutting out of the water. Today, divers have completed their research in the area. It is hoped the find will eventually be put on public display.

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