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“Big Willi“ is flexing its muscles

“Big Willi“ is flexing its muscles

Two elegant Italian yachts and one sleek Dutch yacht will be lifted out of the Rhine by Big Willi’s strong arms boot Düsseldorf 2018 is starting in 32 days and the initial boats are already on their way to the city on the Rhine.


Ship crane “Big Willi” is being used to lift two elegant Italian yachts and one sleek Dutch yacht out of the river on 20. December.

Lifting times (subject to alteration):

8:00: Absolute 58 Fly

10:00: Absolute Navetta 58

14:00: Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop

It will already be lifting Absolute Navetta 58, the heaviest yacht of the day at 32 tonnes, out of the Rhine in his strong arms at 8:00 in the morning. Following its long journey from Podenzano in Italy, the elegant motor yacht is now aiming to reach its destination in Hall 6 on the Düsseldorf exhibition site – the home of the luxury yachts at boot. Navetta 58 is 17 metres long and offers power, comfort and state-of-the-art technology for a starting price of EUR 1.15 million.

The second yacht, another Absolute Yachts creation called Absolute 58 Fly, is scheduled for lifting at 10:00 and is one of the “Flybridge” model range (a flybridge is the outdoor control station of a yacht. It is a bridge provided on the boat with a wheel and also has space for seating and storage). The 58 Fly is finished to a high quality and combines ergonomics and technology with Italian design, luxury and comfort. The motor yacht is 17.2 metres long and is available for a price starting at EUR 1.23 million.

In contrast to the two Italian yachts, the new Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop will be on show in Hall 17 of the Düsseldorf exhibition site this year. The timeless “Linssen 500” from the Linssen shipyard in the Dutch town of Maasbracht weighs 30 tonnes and will be taken out of the water by “Big Willi” at 14:00. The new flagship of the Grand Sturdy range is suitable for both short and long trips. The Linssen 500 has three spacious cabins and a fully-equipped kitchen and is furnished to a high quality as standard. One of the many special features is the Variotop that gives the yacht its name. With this adjustable top, it is possible to change rapidly between a closed and open bridge at the press of a button. Such technology has its price: the Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop starts at a price of EUR 1.3 million.



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