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  3. Basra raises the standard for terminal operations in Iraq
Basra raises the standard for terminal operations in Iraq

Basra raises the standard for terminal operations in Iraq

By setting a new productivity record of 105 movements per hour, the highest ship-to-shore crane productivity in the world, Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) continues to raise the bar for terminal operations in Iraq.


The new record, achieved during the 5,652-TEU Ever Uberty handling on 26 January, replaces the previous BGT record of 101 moves per hour achieved in November. During the January call, BGT registered a total of 3,084 movements.

“We are constantly striving to increase our operational productivity and efficiency to maintain our competitive edge in the industry. With this new record, the Port of Umm Qasr can easily compete with the largest and most efficient ports in the world," said Phillip Marsham, BGT chief executive officer.

By applying the USD250 million investment of the parent company, International Container Terminal Services, Inc., BGT is able to achieve and sustain high levels of productivity.

The investment, completed at the end of 2019, involves the construction of three new berths at BGT East with a design depth of 14 meters next to and supported by post-Panamax cranes.

The comprehensive upgrade of BGT's general cargo and Ro-Ro facilities, which cover dedicated warehousing and specialized project cargo facilities for the oil and gas industry, is also a notable part of the investment.

These investments are part of the Company's plan to modernize and improve its capability and efficiency in its current equipment fleet.

BGT further solidifies its position as a leader in the maritime industry by delivering the highest productivity rate in the country using the newest equipment and unmatched customer-focused service delivery.

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