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  3. Aranui reveals details on its new vessel
Aranui reveals details on its new vessel

Aranui reveals details on its new vessel

Aranui Cruises has revealed its 2022-newbuild is the 10,000-ton AraMana, set to debut in the second quarter as the company's only cruise-only vessel, joining the Aranui 5, a cargo/cruise ship offering a luxury product.


 The Polynesian Shipping Company hopes to put into service a new vessel, the Aranui VI, by 2022.

Under construction in China, the ship will have an observation lounge, two restaurants, Amphitheatre (show lounge), bar lounge with dance floor, wellness complex (spa, fitness), sundeck swimming pool, casino and 11 stateroom categories.

The company wishes to develop its cruises. So much so that another ship, the Aranui VI, could go to sea by 2022.  “The goal is to set up a new ship that would be only passenger, so a liner with local staff Polynesian, preferably islands, which would do 22 to 30 rotations a year on several destinations but would be autonomous.The Aranui 5 will continue the Marquesas and this one will have the flexibility not to carry goods. “We preferred to get away from this constraint and stay 100% passengers to make many more routes and keep a good flexibility.”

“We had to get organized, we sent two teams on the spot, the first to check the feasibility and a second team a bit more technical: a captain and a guide to find out about future trips. wanted to have an international trip (…) Pitcairn was interesting, not all ships can go there (…) And there is this story with the Polynesians that it was interesting to bring back to date . ”  

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