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  3. Another Iranian ship sails away to Venezuela
Another Iranian ship sails away to Venezuela

Another Iranian ship sails away to Venezuela

Iran seems to have dispatched another merchant ship to Venezuela, despite Washington's threats to both nations, reports say.


The Washington Post reported that an Iranian ship 'Golsan' is scheduled to dock in Venezuela shortly after the five tankers loaded with gasoline shipped to Venezuela arrive.

Golsan is heading towards the Venezuelan coast, according to the American media, and Russ Dallen says the ship carries parts for continued repair of Venezuelan refineries.

Last month, up to 1,53 million barrels of gasoline and components were carried to Venezuela by a five-tanker Iranian-flagged flotilla to help the country ease an acute scarcity that forced Venezuelans to wait hours in service station lines.

Iranian tankers continue to enter Venezuelan ports and refineries as previously threatened by the U.S. Government to block new oil tankers between Tehran and Caracas to prevent them from reaching the Venezuelan coast.

With Iranian tankers arriving in Venezuela, the government and nation of Caracas thanked the Iranian people for their solidarity in sending fuel to the country and promised to continue brotherly relations between the two countries.

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