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  3. All American Marine joins family-owned Bryton Marine Group
All American Marine joins family-owned Bryton Marine Group

All American Marine joins family-owned Bryton Marine Group

Matt Mullett, the owner of All American Marine (AAM), has completed a private sale to the Bryton Marine Company, which is owned by his family.


AAM, based in Bellingham, Washington, is a leader in the design and manufacture of aluminum vessels. The company has a strong reputation for developing technologically innovative designs that ensure high-speed travel, industry-leading fuel efficiency, and customization to meet the needs of operators.

All American Marine continues to push the boundaries of vessel design. They are blazing a trail in the industry, from their ultra-low wake hydrofoil-assisted catamarans to some of the country's first hybrid-electric USCG certified subchapter T and K Boats.

They are now assisting us all in looking ahead to the prospect of a zero-carbon future as they put the finishing touches on the world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered electric passenger vessel.

Bryton has a strong capital base, a large distribution network, productive manufacturing, and extremely complex information systems. All American Marine will be able to continue to innovate cutting-edge marine technologies while working as a separate company within the group thanks to Bryton's purchasing power and existing systems.

All American Marine will remain in Bellingham, Washington. Byron Bolton will take over as CEO, with Matt Mullett joining as an adviser. The company will be led by Ron Wille, AAM's President, and his management team.

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