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  3. Alfa Laval introduced scrubber for smaller ships
Alfa Laval introduced scrubber for smaller ships

Alfa Laval introduced scrubber for smaller ships

Alfa Laval launched its PureSOx Express, a new version of its open-loop scrubber system that is supplied as a fully enclosed module and specifically designed for use on smaller ships.


“PureSOx Express uses the proven PureSOx technology that’s already used on hundreds of vessels. But it can be lifted on board and connected without a specialized scrubber team, which means less work at the shipyard and an installation time of just 10–14 days. Not only is the initial investment lower, the vessel can return more quickly to its money-making operations,” says Steven Pieters, Sales Director, Exhaust Gas Cleaning.

Adapted to a simple and cost-effective fit, the new system is designed to reduce the investment cost, engineering time and physical work of installing a SOx scrubber on board vessels such as handymax bulkers or product tankers, where the cost of installing a SOx compliance scrubber has sometimes outweighed the benefits.

PureSOx Express is prefabricated and preconfigured for up to 75 metric tons of exhaust gas per hour, and up to 10 megawatts of engine power. For several vessels of 40,000–65,000 deadweight tons, this makes it a one-size-fits-all approach to continue using HFO and comply with the SOx pollution regulation.

In addition to a packed scrubber bed, PureSOx Express features a water trap which prevents any motor backflow. It is also steered in the same way as other PureSOx systems with Alfa Laval Touch Control.

“Since the first PureSOx system sailed in 2009, we’ve optimized our offering by learning from each installation,” Pieters says. “All that knowledge has also gone into PureSOx Express.”

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