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  3. ABS issues its Guide for Hybrid Electric Power Systems
ABS issues its Guide for Hybrid Electric Power Systems

ABS issues its Guide for Hybrid Electric Power Systems

The American Bureau of Shipping has published its Guide for Hybrid Electric Power Systems for Marine and Offshore Applications.


The guidelines concentrate on systems that combine electricity generation and storage technologies with traditional power generation.

ABS acknowledged that hybrid power systems have considerable potential to contribute to the decarbonization objectives of the marine and offshore industries. A new notation, HYBRID IEPS, also presents the guide, with options for understanding a number of specialized operating modes.

This guide includes the design, construction, retrofitting, testing and survey specifications for vessels using hybrid electric power systems.

Relevant specifications are also discussed for the design, installation and testing of hybrid electric power systems on yachts, ABS said.

Patrick Ryan, ABS senior vice president, Global Engineering and Technology stated: “Hybrid electric power systems offer the opportunity to improve safety, reliability, operational efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption, environmental footprint and equipment maintenance when compared to traditional electrical power systems."

Input for the guide was provided by the Marine and Ports division of the global technology company ABB based on the company's technological expertise and extensive experience with hybrid electric power systems.

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