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  3. A new partnership between IMO, WCO, UNECE and ISO starts
A new partnership between IMO, WCO, UNECE and ISO starts

A new partnership between IMO, WCO, UNECE and ISO starts

A new agreement has been signed to promote increased maritime digitalisation between the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the World Customs Organization (WCO), the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the International Organ


Under IMO's Convention on International Maritime Traffic Facilitation (FAL), public authorities are now expected to set up systems such that all of this can happen digitally.

As clarified, the collaboration agreement that has been successful since 15 March paves the way for the updating of the IMO Reference Data Model and its further progress towards the harmonization of data standards in other fields, beyond the FAL Convention, such as the sharing of operational data that could help promote just-in-time operation of ships.

The just-in-time process helps ships to adjust their pace so that when their berth is ready for them, they arrive at their destination port and thereby save energy and minimize costs and pollution.

The parties to this agreement have already cooperated in the creation of the IMO Reference Data Model, which is a key element of the IMO Compendium on Facilitation and Electronic Business, and covers the reporting criteria set out in the FAL Convention to support the transmission, receipt and reply of information needed for the arrival, stay and departure of ships via electronic data exchange.

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