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  3. A new contract from Tersan Shipyard for New Zealand’s Aurora Fisheries
A new contract from Tersan Shipyard for New Zealand’s Aurora Fisheries

A new contract from Tersan Shipyard for New Zealand’s Aurora Fisheries

Tersan shipyard is awarded as the builder of a new vessel, to be operated in New Zealand waters by Aurora Fisheries, which is a part of the Solander Group.


The vessel, designed by Skipsteknisk of Norway and built by Tersan in Türkiye heralds a new era for Solander as it brings the latest developments in energy efficiency and regeneration to New Zealand’s deep-sea fishing grounds.

“We are so proud to be the builder of this state of art vessel for Aurora Fisheries. She will be the first vessel to be delivered to New Zealand from Tersan which makes her all the more special for us. We look forward to working with Aurora and Skipsteknisk, and will work hard to proceed with the construction of the vessel and deliver her on time.” Says, Mehmet Gazioğlu, Managing Director of Tersan Shipyard.

Thanks to the great experience and good reputation of Tersan Shipyard and Skipsteknisk cooperation in trawlers, new Aurora project will be a leading fishing vessel operating in the region. The vessel will be built and arranged for single pelagic and demersal trawl for catching Southern Blue Whiting, Jack Mackerel and Ling as well as squid and Hake in the areas around New Zealand. She will have 2135 m³ freezer hold cargo capacity for ready graded products on pallets.

“Tersan Shipyard and Skipsteknisk have considerable experience in working together in the construction of deep-sea fishing vessels. This gives Aurora the confidence to invest in such a significant step forward.” Says Paul Hufflett, CEO of Aurora Fisheries.

The new vessel is scheduled for delivery in late 2025, and will replace the current vessel which, while having has served the company well, was not originally built for New Zealand waters. The new vessel, with a name still to be announced, will be 80 meters long, feature a state of art bridge and fish factory, and offering maximum energy efficiency. The vessel is planned to accommodate up to 50 people on board with spacious living areas and social amenities.

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